The Gear Box and Overdrive

img_0118The best take-away for many of us from this session, do NOT attempt to rebuild your gearbox or overdrive unit by yourself!!   Ray was very effective, using a full table of heavy and slightly greasy parts, in making clear the number of ways to go astray, especially in reassembly.  Over 30 MG enthusiasts sat attentively for a couple of hours while Mr. Holtzapple spoke passionately about the details of attempting these mechanical repairs.  Everyone learned at least one thing…like “never over-tighten an aluminum bolt”  or “be prepared to properly deal with the 5 loose balls when reassembling the TD/TF transmission shifting rods.  They are critical for the rods to maintain the selected gear.” 

When all the questions were answered, more than 20 of us motored over to Millers Cafe on Shephard for well-earned Burgers at a place that does them so well.

Your Comments to this post will verify that this was a most useful and productive tech session event.  Thanks Ray Holtzapple!



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3 Responses to The Gear Box and Overdrive

  1. Brian Daly says:

    Wow! I did overhaul my MGA transmission about 40 years ago, and it actually works, albeit being somewhat stiff. The takeaway for me here is that I should never have done that, and it may explain why I am skinning my knuckles on the bolt heads of the demister/neater controls…with occasional naughty words. Perhaps I should consider having it done over.

    Thanks Ray, and yes I like that apron also!

  2. jyouens says:

    Yes, a great tech session as usual. Thanks Ray!

  3. Great tech session Ray…and a very snappy MG apron too!

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