I’ve been a member of the HMGCC since 1992.  There has always been a member in our Roster that I had never met, until today.  Vernon Jones, it was great to have you with us today at EATS for breakfast, and at Ray’s shop.  Vernon has lots of excuses: 1947 MGTC, 1954 MGTF, 1957 MGA, and 1966 MGB, which he drove today.  There is more to the story but he can tell you when he’s ready.  Welcome Vernon!!

There are others of you on the Roster that we do not see very often.  Hope to meet you soon.  For the HMGCC, in addition to the MGs, it all about the people.

Dwight Dawson


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One Response to The HMGCC Way

  1. jyouens says:

    It was great to meet Vernon today. He really got the initiation after breakfast at Ray’s shop as we took every car in the building and shuffled them around like a deck of cards. Well, almost. 😉

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