LaGrange and Beyond

fullsizeoutput_27e4fullsizeoutput_27e7fullsizeoutput_27e5fullsizeoutput_27e6Last weekend our intrepid MGB’s took off to the wild west of Houston to La Grange and Schulenberg.  Our group included Fleischer, Myers, Woodward and Chalker.  After a gorgeous drive through Texas wildflowers we ended at the hotel in LaGrange to get unloaded, cleaned up and ready for dinner at Bistro 108 which was truly great.
 The group then went to the Bugle Boy to listen to Michael O’Connor for a very fun evening of laughter and music. Saturday after breakfast we ventured south to see the famous painted churches in Schulenberg and to go over the famous Piano Bridge, so called because it sounds like a piano as you drive over it. Our routes included classic MG roads with twists and turns and even a river to forge!
 From there it was back into LaGrange to see the late Bill Jones’ semi-deserted MG shop and to visit the Texas Quilt museum which was truly fascinating. Lunch was again superb as we returned to Bistro 108 and then on to the Texas Lavender Farm on our picturesque route back into Houston. All the “B”‘s performed well except that Greg’s
suffered a blocked fuel filter causing a minor lack of power on the hills.  (He will have to do better if he expects to be honored with the Broken Crankshaft Award.)
Mike Woodward
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