Drivers Award Modifications?

Fellow Members,

The Board of Directors is asking for your input. Within in the last few months the board has modified the Driver’s Award twice, trying to make it more inclusive for all our membership.

This award  has been awarded in the past to the person compiling the most points based on miles driven and augmented by the age of the car (a MGTC driving 100 miles earns more points than an MGB driving 100 miles). At any given time during the year there are usually never more than 4 or 5 members in real contention for the award.

Some had complained that all people couldn’t go to the out of town events and therefore they wouldn’t accumulate the big mileage and make it impossible to win the award. Our first modification was to exclude any event not organized by the HMGCC. This would make the Spring and Fall GOF not eligible. This upset the group of GOF travelers and we were asked to reconsider.

We re-formulated the rules for a second time and did away with mileage altogether. The way the award is determined now, in brief, is the eligible event must be publicized a month in advance on the blog. Any event can qualify but it must be posted. Any member driving an MG at an eligible event will receive 1 point. For overnight events, drivers will receive 1 point per night with a maximum of 3 points. The member with the most points at the end of the year would win.

Our purpose is to level the playing field. Not everyone wants to drive their MG in 95 degree heat for 500 miles. Not everyone can do that. The award is to encourage ALL our members to drive their cars. We felt removing the mileage would make it fairer.

Now we are still receiving complaints and thought we should throw this out to the membership to see what you would like to see in the award. We will have a discussion at the June meeting but if you are unable to attend please send me an e-mail at ( and express you views.


Ron Redding



(If it easier for you, use this form to provide input.)


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