Picnic/Swim Meet

Ok, it was a little wet, but we were high and dry under the Bear Creek Park pavilion and had a great time. 21 fearless members attended and properly recognized our 2017-18 President Susan Cannon providing her President’s Social.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, and more was provided without delay.  (yeah Fire Starter devices).  There was lots of car talk and we even enjoyed a competitive driving event.  The TIME/SPEED/DISTANCE event for MGs had 3 contenders.  All they had to do was one lap on the 1.25 mile circle drive, observing the 20 mph speed limit.  The winner was determined by the elapsed time driven and how close it was to the “standard time” earlier determined by the event master.

David Matthews, new member Terry Talley, and new member and seasoned racer/competitor Jack Newman made the run.  Jack’s time of 2:13 was closest to the standard time of 2:15 and he won the new traveling HMGCC PICNIC TROPHY.  (Be sure to ask Terry Talley how fast an MGB must go to drift around a curve on a wet park road.)

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