We Beat the Heat…


Beat the Heat, Country Drive…

Last Saturday we held, what hopefully will become the annual, Beat the Heat, Country Drive.  Six MG’s (and one modern beast) met at the Panera Bread near Katy Mills Mall for a beautiful drive through the countryside of west Houston.  We traveled out Route 90 to Brookshire and then turned north on route 359 to 1458 to San Filipe.  From there we travelled through Simonton, Fulshear and on to Rosenberg for breakfast at Bob’s Taco Station.  The weather was perfect, especially for July; the roads smooth and uncrowded, except for a brief run in with a friendly swarm of cyclists; traffic lights and stop signs few and far between.  We even took a quick spin through the West-Enders, Coffee & Cars in Fulshear.   Along the way we saw beautiful country side (yes, there still is country near Houston, it hasn’t all been paved and built on.)  We were saluted by a passing hot air balloon and passed by a striding deer.

We then gathered at Bob’s Taco Station, a featured restaurant on Diner’s, Drive-IN’s and Dive’s where we were met by 3 more MG’s, totaling 16 drivers and navigators.  Bob and his staff were wonderful hosts, making arrangements for us to park our baby’s in front of the building.  They provided us an excellent breakfast with great service that included an un-requested coffee or water to go.

Following breakfast several members headed up to Hemi Hideout for the Christmas-in- July-Sale.  It was a great opportunity to relish in historic American muscle cars and get a jump on Christmas shopping.

As expected, our trip was not without a bit of adventure.  As mentioned above, we did find ourselves among what felt like hundreds of cyclists who were swarming around us. Thankfully there were no run-ins between bike and MG, although I think we were close a couple of times.  We also have a new nominee for the Broken Crank Shaft Award as one of our esteemed members found himself with a flat tire and a loose radiator cap.

Everyone had a great time exercising their cars, filling their bellies and swapping conversation with fellow club members. 125 miles on the odometer was probably typical.

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