From our Club President

Dear Houston MG Car Club Members:badgeforweb

It is difficult to know what to say at a time like this. I was going to send out an August note summarizing our recent activities and upcoming events, but after this weekend, none of that seemed all that important.

Some of us have been lucky and have escaped flooding. Others have quite a different experience. Keith and I are among the lucky ones and we hope that most of our club is also. There is at least one MGB reported under water and I imagine there are more of our LBCs that have sustained damage.

They may be beloved, beautiful, expensive, frustrating and a lot of fun, but they are just cars. They are replaceable or fixable. That is one good thing about them being older – they do not have modern fancy computer systems that get ruined if they get wet.

Anyway, they are replaceable – we are not. Though there have been fatalities due to Hurricane Harvey, the number is relatively small considering how bad it could have been. Our members are the heart of our club and we want you all safe.

There is plenty of information available for anyone who needs help so I won’t repeat any here. I am not sure that we could do anything that isn’t already being done, other than offer each other support. Once we dry out we may need to share advice on getting our beloved cars taken care of, but we should probably get back to a more normal routine first.

So along those lines, as far as I know our next monthly meeting will take place as scheduled on September 6 at Christie’s. Keith and I will be out of town, so Ron Redding will be handling the meeting. If anything changes we will let you know. Many places around town are already seeing receding water so it is expected that the roadways won’t be a problem a week from now. Perhaps the meeting will be a good step toward returning to normalcy. If you are able to attend, it would be great to see you there.

Keith and I hope that you are all safe and starting to dry out. For those that got flooded or had to evacuate, we hope that recovery from the devastation is swift. We may never have experienced this kind of wide-spread event before but we have weathered all sorts of storms and we’ll recover from this too.

Take care of yourselves, and see you soon.

Susan Cannon

President 2017-18

Houston MG Car Club

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