Harvey Hurts

Everyone in southeast Texas has suffered in some way this past week and it continues in counties and States east of us.  Some people face hardships much harsher than most of us have.  Among our members, we learned that Ron Redding saw his home flooded, while he managed to save his MGs and other autos.  Jim and Sandy Biggerstaff were flooded for a 2nd time. Craig Eubanks has endured some damage to his home.   Gordon Smith and Fran have been and continue on the edge at their home adjacent to the very full Brazos River that will crest September 1. There are undoubtedly others in the area with MGs and other LBCs that have sad tales to tell.  If you know of other Members with Harvey troubles we might share or assist with, please let any club officer know and they can inform the Webmaster, as appropriate.

This hurricane has been an experience that none of us will ever forget.  MG is the “Marque of Friendship” and you will see us reaffirm that as we move forward.

Safety Fast!!

Houston MG Car Club

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