Slot Car Races ~ Nov. 18

A visits to World’s Biggest Slot Car Collection and Track, by Bernard.  He says he has 7,000 slot cars from all around the world and is offering us the opportunity to drive and race MG slot cars on his indoor track.


Other attractions at the big warehouse where he lives are personal collections of vintage motorcycles, vintage radios, as old as 100 years, whimsical robots, and a big library of books on Russian history and Communism.  We have lots to do before going to lunch a few blocks away.

When:  Saturday Nov. 18, 10 am.

Where:  3100 McKinney St.  Use Scott St. exit off I-45 and go east to McKinney.

Caution…there may be construction at the Scott St. exit.  Parking on Palmer St. and at the rear of Bernard’s building.

Coordinated by Bob Crow

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