Club Picnic ~ June 16

This year’s Picnic will again take place at Bear Creek Park.  Check for late updates if there is heavy, flooding rain in the weeks prior…the park is within a flood control area.  Plan your arrival between 9 am and 10 am to take in all that is offered at Bear Creek Park in west Houston between Highway 6 and Eldridge and just off Clay Rd.

BC map

About 11:30 am we’ll start cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs. We will have some iced tea, lemonade, and water. If you’d like something else, please bring it along, keeping in mind that the park is officially alcohol-free.  Desserts are always welcome and readily consumed.

You are welcome to bring your toys; footballs, frisbees, etc.  There are lots of grassy areas around the pavilion.  There are a dozen tables under the roof and the tunes will be a playin’.  Kids and Grandkids are welcome.  Dogs are ok, too, on a leash (as long as they fit in your MG).  We can play until 3 pm or as long as we can last.

MG competitive events have been known to break out at these picnics.  Be ready.


We will seek your RSVP around June 1.


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