Russ Seto.

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I must report that Russ Seto passed while driving the first leg of the planned 18 day Triumph “FOG” tour to California.  As many of you know, Russ had been a member of TTR for over 25 years, and was a friend to many.  He was the proprietor of the “TR Shop”, and could always be counted on to lend a hand in helping to repair someone’s car.  The TTR club has lost a wonderful man; an irreplaceable member who knew just about everything mechanical when it came to Triumphs.  A guiding force behind the Traveling Triumph Breakfast Club, Russ could be counted on to be at every Saturday breakfast (unless he was working on someone’s car).  Russ’ presence will be felt throughout the TTR club, and he will be greatly missed by the TTR and the Houston MG car club.

Please keep Marianne and Russ’ family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.Russ-in-TR3

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