Off To The Races.

The Jaguar Club and all British car clubs are again invited to the live broadcast of the Royal Ascot horse races held each year in England on JUNE 23.  You might compare this to the Kentucky Derby.  The event is to show your British car, visiting with car owners, and see the races.  You will enjoy [and wager if you like] big screen live action and a Brunch Buffet fit for a Queen in the Jockey Club at a good price.  They ask that the cars arrive before 8:00 AM for display parking in the paddock.  Due to the time difference the racing gets started about that time.  The Jaguar Club has participated in this event for 5 years and it is a fun day– even had a couple of winners.  They would like a “guesstimate” of the people who plan to attend by June 19th.
Questions??:  Contact Chuck Rhodes at 281 351 6743  or  also for the head count by June 19th
Hope to see you at Sam Houston Race Park

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A guy with a passion for classic British cars.
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