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Houston MG Car Club Awards

New Awards for 2019

In 2019 the Club introduced two new awards for recognizing club members, the Backseat Driver Award and the 500 Mile Club.

Backseat Driver Award

The Backseat driver award is presented annually to the spouse or partner of a club member who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, made the greatest contribution to the club's success for the year.

The 500 Mile Club

The 500 mile club was established to recognize all club members who drove their MG's, or other eligible cars as described under the Driver's Award, 500 miles or more during the year to attend club events and activities.

Driver Award

All award tabulations will begin November 1 and end on October 31.


Eligible Drivers

Eligible Events

Eligible Vehicle


MG Driver*

Awarded for miles driven in an MG [or exception**]

The driver’s name, year and car are added to a small plaque on the travelling award. Also a wooden plaque is  given for the driver to keep.

All licensed HMGCC members in good standing. The member family unit will qualify as one driver [husband/wife may drive but points will apply to combined family points]. Only one qualifying MG per event.

Any event that is posted on our website [houstonmgcc.com] under “Coming Events,” 14 days in advance. Recurring events (such as – West Enders Car Club Saturday breakfast meetings) are limited to one event per month.

Points are to be accumulated in an MG. For members who own more than one MG, any of their MGs can be driven to accumulate points. For members who also own other [lesser] British marques, no points will be given unless your MG is driven. **Exception: If no MG is owned by the member, points may be accumulated by driving another Classic British marque [1980 or older].

All eligible vehicles will be awarded one point for each mile driven.

*Past winners of award will be ineligible to win again for a period of 3 years.

The Board of Directors will make final determination of winners to assure the awards are appropriately distributed to avoid multiple awards to a single member family.

The Driver's Award, Individual's To Keep

The Driver Award Traveling Trophy

The Alan Rayne Broken Crankshaft Award

The Board of Director's Award

The President's Award

The Ralph Diebert Award

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