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What are you working on?

  • August 20, 2018 4:39 PM
    Reply # 6584865 on 6439918

    Started on the windshield replacement.  

    • Dash/Frame removed from car
    • Frame disassembled & old glass out
    • Frame cleaned, ready to put new glass in
    Old glass was "off brand" SPX Solex.  New is Triplex.  

    I took the opportunity to compare thicknesses.  The SPX Solex glass is 13/64" thick.  The Triplex is 17/64" thick.  That's 1/16" thicker & while it doesn't sound like much, that's a 30% difference & that's a lot.  It's even visually thicker.
  • August 10, 2018 9:00 AM
    Reply # 6460381 on 6439918
    Bob Chalker (Administrator)

    Rob, thanks for the offer, but i always seem to find more to do, as it appears you do as well.  Thankfully, for the most part both of my cars are running well (other than the alternator on the A) but it does seem as if it is always something.  

  • August 10, 2018 8:52 AM
    Reply # 6460241 on 6439918

    Bob - sounds like a pretty quick & easy swap... when you're done, you'll be bored.  To help you out with that, you're welcome to come help me work down my list ;).

  • August 09, 2018 5:29 PM
    Reply # 6442087 on 6439918
    Bob Chalker (Administrator)
    I am working replacing the alternator in my MGA.  I replaced the generator with an alternator that looks like a generator last January, it failed in May.  Just got the new one.
  • August 09, 2018 3:33 PM
    Message # 6439918

    My list is WAY too long...

    Rework my rear nerf  bar brackets.  I made them from aluminum and no one had said anything till this year when my son followed me to Dayton OH in his Miata.  He told me the brackets aren't sturdy enough so the nerf bars visibly vibrate as I'm driving at highway speeds!

    Rework my dash.  I have cool looking but small AC vents and they are machined & polished metal.  Hadn't eallyy tried to use the AC till this trip to Dayton (wife was with me).  Realized I need more air flow and the metal gets so cold it causes condensation to drip down th dash onto our legs.  So, will be reworking the ducting and using dash vents from a '75ish MGB in the middle and Miata eyeball vents at the outer ends of the dash.

    One of my door window seals started to split and the felt is largely gone from the track seals/guides so I got a complete set and need to install.

    While I'm messing with the doors & windows, I'm going to see if I can better align them so I get a better seal against my hard top

    Take care of a couple of electrical connections that are getting loose and causing intermittent issues.

    Replace my wiper motor - current one died in the middle of a storm!  Have a new one from Moss to install.

    Replace my windshield.  ARGH!!  Windshield I just put in with less than a month of driving got crackeded before I got out of TX on my way to OH.  I did score a brand new tinted Triplex windshield for half price though.  Not looking forward to installing it though!

    My rear differential is clunking.  Will need to be addressed.

    My "special touring" air dam caught something and got cracked.  Need to repair and repaint it.

    I want to make a wind deflector out of a convertible top header bar and some plexiglass.  Stealing the idea from a friend with one.

    I also want to make a dual hoop roll bar similar to a Miata one.  Low on the priority list.

    I have a sequential port fuel injection system for my motor.  Big project to install so not sure when I'll do it.


    Have I mentioned I envy the time retired folks have!

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