President’s Social Not Rained Out

Despite training rain showers across Texas last Saturday, the Club gathered  to celebrate the new term of our President, Gordon Smith.  As always, he and his Navigator Fran provided many wonderful  and tasty consumables.  A delightful mixed group of members just joined, from years gone by and for years into the future.  Well done Fran and Gordon.  Under your leadership, 2015 will be a fun and most entertaining year of positive challenges and MG events of all kinds.

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President’s Social 2015

Now comes  our premiere annual social event: The President’s Social.  This is our long-standing event where the Club President has the opportunity to serve us further, in his own home…as if he needed more to do.  Joyfully, it is a good time and a unique chance to come together, with our MGs, to enjoy them and each other.  Here’s the scoop:

Presidents Social 2015 Invitation

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Members go National



Club Members Dave Renner and Dale Schiller have gone National with their contributions to MG publications.  Dale’s 1972 MGB graced the cover of a recent issue of the North American MGA Register.  Dave and his MG activity was the topic of a 5 page article in the Issue Number 61, 2015 issue of North American Classic MG.

Well done Gentlemen!



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Club Calendar

A Page option on the menu is OFFICIAL CLUB CALENDAR.  Open that page to see options of WEEK – MONTH – AGENDA

AGENDA is a list of all future events.  More details may be shown on each event.  Organizers need to send details to me (Dawson) for posting.

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Worth a Look…

Dale Schiller spotted this video and posted it on Facebook.  You will see familiar faces and member MGs at a GOF event in Salado.

<p><a href=”″>MM MG</a> from <a href=””>Greene HD Productions</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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A 1970 Advertisement

4 Moving Experiences

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Let’s Welcome…

This note from a fellow MG Enthusiast arrived via the Blog.  Let’s plan to welcome Barney  and his son Elliot with our usual Texas Hospitality.  

Name: Barney Gaylord
Comment or Question: Greetings fellow British car enthusiasts,

My son and I are traveling the country in our MGA (31,000 miles since May 5, 2014), visiting other MG and British car enthusiasts, club meetings, car shows, tour, rally, and whatever may be happening on the British car scene.   We are also fixing cars as we go, mostly things to get cars running and tuned up to be road worthy, occasionally significantly more.

I found your web site, and am trying to find out what might be going on in Texas these days.   There may be a meeting n March 4?   Is there anything else going on in Texas in the near future?  Does anyone have a phone number or street address?

We are currently in Abbeville, LA, headed for Port Arthur (just for starters).  Our schedule is currently wide open, and we expect to be touring in Texas for a few weeks.  Would anyone in your club be interested in a visit?  Follow our follies here:

Barney and Elliot Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude
3000+ web pages of tech info for MGs
Also webmaster for Chicagoland MG Club
Phone: 630-946-3841

Time: February 28, 2015 at 12:10 pm



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Bountiful Breakfast

In Richmond, 28 club members enjoyed a bountiful country breakfast at Another Time Soda Fountain followed by a short drive to two of Fort Bend County Museum’s early pioneer homes.   The docents were genuinely interested in seeing the MG Club have an interesting and entertaining tour of the Jane Long and Moore homes. An investigation of the property has lead to an archeological team possibly having located Deaf Smith’s grave

(Thanks to Susan Cannon for the photos and Jim Early for the recap.  Keith Ryder sponsored the event.)

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A Tale of Two Tags

A caveat for purist restorers, or a “Tale of Two Tags”. I have just learned, very nearly the hard way, that one can go overboard and illegal in the process of creating the “perfect restoration”. In the course of restoring “Tar Baby” to as close to as original as possible, my eye was offended by the scruffy, scratched VIN plate attached to the right wheel well. No problem; buy a blank from Moss (or VicBrit) and have it engraved to match (even to the misaligned #) and replace the offending member. Done and done 5 years and many trophies ago. Time passes, interest shifts to newly acquired MGC GT and Tar Baby goes to the auction block. There’s the rub, as the Bard would say. As part of the consignment process, I am stunned to learn that I have violated Federal law by tampering with the VIN plate. It turns out that VIN plates, regardless of condition, ARE SACRED. Thou shalt not mess with them!!! As a result, the auction house refused flatly to accept the car (after they had accepted my $500 consignment fee). About the only thing I did right was a) save the original plate with a photo of it in place and b) have the car fully state inspected (as opposed to antique registry) at purchase, and c) create and maintain a serious paper trail going back now 15 years.  All of the above was humbly submitted to the Montgomery County Auto Theft department as my offering for the VIN inspection process. I sweated out a 90 minute examination of the car and subsequent deliberation (as they did not find the confidential # stamping). In the end, I lucked out and they gave me a pass, which turned out to be acceptable to the auction house. The take away here is; if you’re considering replacing your VIN plate, DON’T. If you already have, you may want to visit your local law enfacement folks, with all the paper you have, to get an inspection/approval in advance of any anticipated sale.  From what I was told by the auction house and the county folks, VIN fraud is getting extremely common on antique/collectible cars such as ours, so scrutiny will only increase over time. In short, a bright, shiny brand new VIN plate will set off all sorts of alarms!!! Cheers!
Roger Sykes
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April 18 Show in Woodlands

Per Roger Sykes….
 The Brotherhood of St Andrew/Trinity Episcopal Church is hosting its 7th Annual Spring Car Show on the 18th of April, from 10-2. $25 entry fee benefits local youth and Scout programs and includes lunch for 2. Second car entry is $10 (if you happen to have 2 drivers). Location 3901 S. Panther Creek, The Woodlands (across the street from the west parking lot of McCullough Jr, High) Judging by participants, awards at 1.  Call 713-899-6910 for info or advance registration.Y’all Come!!!
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