Coffee and Cars Again

Coffee & Cars this Sun. Vintage Park
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Coffee and Cars…always a good reason to take your MG out for you and others to appreciate.  


We will host our monthly gathering this Sunday October 4th at Vintage Park during the usual hours, from 8-10am. In August we tried Sunday and it worked perfectly! Everyone had a great time and the amazing machines were out in full force. This month expect to see some stunning examples of vintage beauties as well as the latest examples from Ferrari and Lamborghini.
The Lamborghini group will be out in full force once again this Sunday as the Lamborghini Festival is the weekend after. Don’t forget to join the Festival if you haven’t done so, it raises funds for children battling cancer and everyone is invited:
We will see you this Sunday at Vintage Park!
Jorge Verdejo
Coffee and Cars
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A Car by any Other Name

By Dave Renner

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  – William Shakespeare

Recently I was at a family gathering with my dad Corky, my brother John, my son Patrick, my cousin Dalton and his dad, my Uncle Plute, when we began swapping stories about this and that. Along the waymy uncle started to reminisce about a raggedy old 1938 Dodge truck he once owned that Dalton and his brother Ray had christened “Rackity Boom.” That led to memories of another uncle’s bilious green1950ish Ford truck that we all called “Algae.” And the memories continued.

The conversation then wandered to the 1926 Model T touring car I drove to high school,     renner T which went by the well deserved moniker, “Old Clunker”, because it rattled and creaked but kept on ticking. Dad now has its reincarnation, a very similar 1926 Model T touring car naturally named “Clunker 2”, in his garage.

So, what is my point? Just that many car (or truck) owners ascribe a personality to their vehicle when they give it a nickname. It is very common in auto circles to hear a car referred to by its name and it may become more famous than the owner.

Mention “The Beatnik Bandit” or “The Ala Kart” to hot rod lovers of my generation and clear images will appear in our minds of those cars. It may also remind us of the doodles we drew in our spiral notebooks and on the paper book covers that covered our textbooks. Those cars were real to us. Just as the names “Old Yeller” and “The Flying Shingle” resonate for the young sports car lovers of the same era.

In MG lore, no vehicle is more famous than “Old Number One”, the prototype stripped down racer that defined the marquee. Another beloved relic is “Old Speckled Hen,” a late ‘20s vintage MG Featherweight Fabric Saloon that was used as a shop vehicle at the Abingdon factory. It acquired its name from the dappled surface that was created when paint splatter collected on it.

In our club, several well know MGs proudly wear nicknames. Greg and Dottie Ulrich have a beautiful 1953 MGTD called “Daddy-O,” named in honor of Dottie’s father, who previously owned the car. Gordon Smith regularly drives his regal Old English White 1964 MGB that he calls “Regi.”

And Roger Sykes, who created the infamous Sykes Formula we use to figure mileage for the MG Driver Award, campaigns a pitch black 1965 MGB beauty known affectionately as “Tar Baby.” Is it called that for the color or is it called that because it is like the character in the Uncle Remus Tales written by Joel Chandler Harris that stuck to poor old Brer Rabbit when he tried to get loose from it? All of these names have meanings to the drivers.

A few years ago I resurrected a 1963 MGB that I dubbed “Patience” because I realized that   patience it would require more than a little persistence for the red roadster to move under its own power again. Once that was accomplished, I couldn’t wait to sell it to purchase another project car to rebuild, a long neglected 1968 MGB/GT.

Little did I know that the GT restoration project would make the endurance spent on getting the roadster back on the road pale by comparison. As work on the coupe has laboriously progressed, it acquired a nickname with several layers of meaning to me.

I call it “Winnie”, both in honor of my mom, who answered to that nickname, but also because “Winnie” was the affectionate name given to Winston Churchill, the quintessential British figure known for his bulldog tenacity. I realized it would take that kind of grit to get the hardtop to move under its own steam again one day.

Moreover, I like the name “Winnie” because it reminds me of Winnie-the-Pooh, the 325whimsical fictional bear created by British children’s book author A.A. Milne. Milne and I happen to share the same birthday, January 18, and that day has been officially designated Winnie-the-Pooh Day in his honor. I like that coincidence. As a matter of fact, the “pooh” part has resonated on many levels as the GT revitalization has dragged on.

So, nicknames often tell as much about the owner as they do about the vehicle. And Winnie-the-Pooh would add in agreement, “Oh bother.”

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Drivers Award Points

 Drivers Points    (as of September 15, 2015)


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Saturday is Trinity Episcopal Church “SPRING” Car Show

Oct. 3 is the new date for a very fun SPRING car show up the Woodlands.  Catch it if you can.  You’ll probably run into the Sykes and the Dawsons with their MGs.

Rescheduled car show

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CVAR Saturday?

Anyone going to Texas World Speedway for CVAR on Saturday September 19th??

HMGCC has a new member, Hollis Hendrickson, who I would like to introduce to all of the members.  Hollis is planing to drive his 1964 MGB Roadster to CVAR on Saturday.  Looking for members who may be going in order to give hem a proper HMGCC welcome.
If you are going please email me at and I will provide Hollis’ contact information.
Attached is a picture of his car…..REGI

Gordon D Smith
1964 MGB Roadster_2
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PUB Event ~ September 26

The PUB Wandering is Coming

It is September and the skies are bright and the weather usually perfect to enjoy your MG.
Bring your classic British Sports Car – MG – for a tour of Rice Village and a taste of Ireland.
We will ‘meet up’ at 11:00 AM Saturday September 26th at Gorgeous Gael, 5555 Morningside Dr. and sample some classic Irish pub offerings. After lunch of Fish and Chips, Bangers or for the less hardy, a Burger; you could stay for the Notre Dame game that will start around 1 PM.
Parking for MGs will be available in front of the Pub, with more parking in the garage, just a short walk away. We will be leaving the Pub about 1 and for those ready for a short wandering – we will visit the British Isles gift shop and Savory Spice.
Please RSVP to Ray at or Gordon at by the 24th.

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Drivers Award Latest

MG Drivers Points at end of August, 2015

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MG2016/GT-41 Preview

MG2016/GT-41 – June 13-17, 2016. It’s not too early to start thinking about your trip to this All MG Gathering. Events in the planning include orientation night at the famous Churchill Downs race track, and a visit to the Corvette Museum. has learned that there will be a presentation by the Aussie MG group on one of their trans-continental trips. Further details should be available in the Fall.
Ron Redding
5R Restorations
33803 Pecan Hill Dr.
Brookshire, TX77423
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Traveling Flatts

In case you hadn’t noticed, Uncle Nigel traveled with Dan Asbury recently to Indiana.  Feel free to invite any of the Flatt Family along on your next trip.

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2015 Expo…Oct. 1 Registration Deadline



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