Salado GOF Caravan

If you are traveling to the GOF on Friday, May 8, please consider this  Caravan.

Mike and Stephanie Woodward (and others) will depart at 9:00 a.m. on Friday at the gas station at the 1488 exit off I-290.  They will be taking the backroads to Salado and stopping for lunch along the way.  With questions or to be included, contact Mike Woodward.  A map of the planned route is included here.

Wildwood to Salado maps via backroads   (for a map download)

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Spring Fling Fully Flung

Despite raging thunderstorms early on an April Saturday, a great representative sampling of MGs made an appearance at our annual Spring Fling.  The venue, Falcon Point Country Club in Katy, was outstanding with plenty of room for our classics and a most comfortable pavilion for socializing over lunch and beverages at the bar.  Thanks for making all the arrangements again,  Ron Redding!

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Featured MG

Don Lantz has a story or two to tell about his recently restored 1961 MGA 1600.  We have a photo of him in the Pits at a Florida racetrack in the 60’s, with this same MGA.  Great job in preserving the Marque Don! Don's  MGA IMG_0523 (2)

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The Old Iron Works

A member comment:

Name: G. Wayne Hardy
Comment or Question: On the April 16 – 19 weekend we participated in the Antique Auto Club of America’s Texas tour event, this time based in Tomball TX. Yes it rained, but not for the car show on Sat. Only one old car didn’t start and that was a pure mechanical ailment not associated with moisture or flooded roads..a 1918 track racer Maxwell had a carb jet fall out. One thing we came across worthy of mention was an auto restoration shop up in Montgomery, just west of Conroe called the Old Iron Works. The owner, Richard Mitchell specializes in Stutzes from the prewar period. Amazing cars on display and under restoration including a 20s vintage Stutz LeMans racer being restored for track duty on the Vintage race circuit. They even have an old all aluminum block and head 14,000cc tank engine on a stand that they’ll run for you just for laughs.
This place is worth a drive for a visit on any weekend outing, and yes they do welcome visits from the public. Google them up and get the address and other info. You won’t be sorry you took the time. 

Wayne, you are right about that.  If you search Old Iron Works on our Blog you will see a bit on our November 2012 event at that place.  A good reminder…thanks.  

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Concours d’Elegance of Texas

An event you may  be interested in attending to appreciate other vintage autos…header2


All the details can be seen at:



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Family MGA Extension

A 2014 new member provided this update on his MGA:

I am a new member of the club and I would like to share a few photos and the history of my 1960 MGA.

As you can see from the photos, my car is currently being carefully restored by Ron Redding at 5R Restorations. My father originally purchased this car in 1966 for $300 in Ft. Stockton, TX. As the story goes, he drove the car to his home in Carlsbad, NM and the engine consumed more than 12 quarts of oil during the 150 trip. After some much needed shade tree TLC and a new crankshaft, he drove the MGA for the next 20 years.

My father passed away in 2012, so I wanted to have his car restored to original condition in his honor. Hopefully, I can pass it along to my grandson in a few years to keep my fathers memory alive. Attached is a photo of my son Shea and Grandson Caleb after dropping off the car with Ron Redding.

Thanks, and I look forward to participating in some future events when the car is completed.

Best regards,
Mike Gentry

Mike, we feel certain that everyone in our Club applauds your effort.  It is a worthy quest on multiple levels!  Keep up the good work. 

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Hidden Treasures

One of our Club’s LBC Sleuths, Bob Crow, discovered these 3 British Treasures while out and about in the Houston area.  With no shortage of Blaze MGBs, another one rolled up to a Sunday morning bicyclists’ breakfast in the Heights.  The owner, thoroughly attended by HMGCC members who also bike, will likely show up at our April meeting.  (note the personalized plate.)

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Impromptu Breakfast Run


A spur of the moment MG run to a local breakfast spot.  Any trip is more fun in an MG.  :-)

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President’s Social Not Rained Out

Despite training rain showers across Texas last Saturday, the Club gathered  to celebrate the new term of our President, Gordon Smith.  As always, he and his Navigator Fran provided many wonderful  and tasty consumables.  A delightful mixed group of members just joined, from years gone by and for years into the future.  Well done Fran and Gordon.  Under your leadership, 2015 will be a fun and most entertaining year of positive challenges and MG events of all kinds.

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President’s Social 2015

Now comes  our premiere annual social event: The President’s Social.  This is our long-standing event where the Club President has the opportunity to serve us further, in his own home…as if he needed more to do.  Joyfully, it is a good time and a unique chance to come together, with our MGs, to enjoy them and each other.  Here’s the scoop:

Presidents Social 2015 Invitation

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