MG International

We all know that MG is a prominent international marque in the classic car world.  Our HMGCC website also has some international prominence.  In 2014, enthusiasts from all of these countries visited our site.





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70’s Picnic for MGs

summer_picnic_outdoors_clip_art_13987 Saturday, July 11 is the day.  Plan your arrival between 9 am and 10 am to take in all that is offered at Bear Creek Park in west Houston between Highway 6 and Eldridge and just off Clay Rd.  (map)

Drive around the circle to Pavilion 7 with parking areas nearby.

About 11:30 am we’ll start cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs.  You only have to bring what you want to drink.

There will be MG games within the Park.  And you are welcome to bring your toys; footballs, frisbees, etc.  There are lots of grassy areas around the pavilion.    There are a dozen tables under the roof and the 70’s tunes will be a playin’.  Kids and Grandkids are welcome.  Dogs are ok, too, on a leash.  We can play until 3 pm or as long as we can last.

The Pavilion has a wood BBQ, electricity, sinks and nearby restrooms.

If you have not RSVP’d on Facebook, please send me an email with how macan-stock-photo_csp5771367ny of you will attend.

Be sure to check back on this website on Friday, July 10 for any late updates.badgeforweb

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Drivers Award Competition

To view the latest standings in the Drivers Award race, use this link:

MG Drivers  2015-1

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Another July Event

Our President Gordon has authorized another driving event for the month of July.  Its sorta not-local but looks outstanding.  Here is the website:

Even if you cannot make this trip, be sure to view the GOF video which is very well done.  On the website, find the tab on left side:

 2015 GOF Video  

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MGA Seats

Check the new classified ads.  MGA seats available now from a Member, before they go to EBAY.

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Knock, knock

Our long-time Member Warner Banes wrote a great article that was published in the Sept. 2001 ROARS.  The truth deserves repeating.

Newton 1962 MGA Mk IIbanes

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Breakfast at EATS

eats1Food and MGs are synonymous.

On Saturday morning early, 12 members made the trip to EATS on Hempstead.  There was nothing important left undiscussed.  And no one left hungry.

Driving their MGs were:

John & Nancy Youens, 1947 MGTC

Greg Fleischer, 1971 MGB

Bob Chalker, 1972 MGB

Gordon Bard, 1973 MGB

Ray Holtzapple, 1974 MGBGT V8

(and it was a Drivers Award mileage Event!)

Arriving in other vehicles were: Gordon and Fran Smith and Velma, Dave Renner, Harvey Rutstein, and Dwight Dawson.

Who will sponsor the next  such  event in their neighborhood?  

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12 Hours…

Okay, does anyone else have this problem?  Every time I disassemble the TC to do a repair / modification I always finish the re-assembly 12 hours or less before the next MG event.  All of my work turns out to be a “Pit Stop” with the clock ticking down.  Not to mention the one or two day air shipment of parts.  This time it was to combat the hot weather vapor lock problem.  I installed a heat shield, TF intake spacers, and tweaked the carburetor adjustments.  The actual list of what I did would take much longer and include NSFW vocabulary. :-)  Fortunately, the end result is almost invisible.  Can you spot the stainless steel heat shield in the photo below?


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Breakfast EATS June 20

Click this link for information on a Saturday, June 20 event.

  EATS Event

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Egrets Place


This is the road into our Picnic site today (June 9)…and Egrets rule.

On July 11, MGs will rule in Bear Creek Park.  Put the date on your calendar for a good (dry) time at Pavilion No. 7.  More details as we get closer.

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