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MG Drivers Points at end of August, 2015

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MG2016/GT-41 Preview

MG2016/GT-41 – June 13-17, 2016. It’s not too early to start thinking about your trip to this All MG Gathering. Events in the planning include orientation night at the famous Churchill Downs race track, and a visit to the Corvette Museum. has learned that there will be a presentation by the Aussie MG group on one of their trans-continental trips. Further details should be available in the Fall.
Ron Redding
5R Restorations
33803 Pecan Hill Dr.
Brookshire, TX77423
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Traveling Flatts

In case you hadn’t noticed, Uncle Nigel traveled with Dan Asbury recently to Indiana.  Feel free to invite any of the Flatt Family along on your next trip.

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2015 Expo…Register Now!



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Past President Honored

The role of the President of our Club is a very visible, of course.  However, the behind the scenes efforts are substantial.  Now a 2 year commitment, it is a responsibility undertaken by people with vision and a strong work ethic.  Leading an organization with a single focus (MG), a long history, (since 1971) and widely varied interests is not for the faint of heart.

John Youens was recognized at our August meeting for his service in 2013 and 2014.  Current President Gordon Smith made the award.  Congratulations John!


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Texas All British Car Days ~ September 25-27

Another out-of-town event coming right up…

Other members have enjoyed previous years of this All British Show in Round Rock.  Check it out!

Texas All British Show

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GOF in Tyler, October

If you want to have some MG fun out of town, this Fall’s GOF will be a dandy, up near Dallas.  The Texas MG Register always has a good program at these events.

Information on Registration

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Where is BridgetMidget?

The Flatt Family are good members and they love to travel.  but, EmmaG, in this image, is worried about young BridgetMidget.  She has been missing since galavanting off with one of our Members.  If any of you know the whereabouts of Ms. BridgetMidget, please contact our President Gordon Smith.

The Flatts are always willing to go along with other members as they travel around the country, or anywhere in the MG World.  They seem to be attracted to cameras and show up in a lot photos in interesting places.

If you are about to travel, consider taking one of the Flatt family along.


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Drivers Award Update

And the competition for the 2015 Drivers Award goes into the home stretch.

2015 Drivers Points

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Trinity Episcopal Church “SPRING” Car Show

Oct. 3 is the new date for a very fun SPRING car show up the Woodlands.  Catch it if you can.  You’ll probably run into the Sykes and the Dawsons with their MGs.

Rescheduled car show

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