Featured MG No. 2

rob1 rob2Another new member, Rob Ficalora, provided information on his MG:

Here are a few pictures of my MGB.  It started life as a rubber bumper ’76, but as you can see, I have modified it quite a bit. . My license plate reads “MG MUTT” and it truly is!  I have parts from Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Mazda, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, and probably one or two more.  I had a B when I was younger and loved the styling, but was never happy with the power.  Then later when I decided to do a project to teach my kids some things, I ran across BritishV8.org and met Ron Redding.  After talking with him and reading up on V8 swaps, we jumped in head first.  The car has been a lot of fun to build and even more fun to drive!  My older son Andrew and I did about 2500 miles in it this past summer on a father/son trip to Colorado Springs and back.  Now I’m looking forward to a similar trip with my younger son…

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Featured MG No. 1

midge2First to respond and share information on her MG :  New Member Susan Cannon.

Our 1971 Midget:  I inherited her from my mother after she (the Mimidge3dget) had been garaged for ~25 years. Mom had driven it daily for about a decade prior to that (including one pregnancy!). “Midge” needed a lot of TLC, but we got her in good driving condition. We love taking her out when the weather permits. And when our brake lights work. ;)

Comments and questions for Susan can be posted using COMMENT.

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Featured MGs

We currently have 65 MG enthusiasts registered to receive this blog.  Others just peek in when they feel like it or have time.

The FIRST 3 readers who send me a couple of recent photos of their MG (and themselves, if desired)  and whatever history or highlights about the car will be used as featured posts.  Let’s see what happens before the end of October!

Send photos and text to:   d3dawson@gmail.com

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Space Center Event

The day, Sept. 20, was warm but no rain was in sight for the trek to NASA Space Center Houston.  Three brave souls drove MGs and the group of 14 enjoyed the out of this world experience in the cool while visiting the great exhibits.  If you did not make it this time, take the family and out of town friends to an educational and fun filled day.

Ray Holtzapple


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TC History Known?

Comment or Question: I’m not an MG owner, but with a bit of luck might be soon. I have discovered a 1948 TC that was brought some 25 years ago into the USA from Australia, has never been titled or registered here, and whose current “keeper” has no documentation. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Was there an MG Car Club member back in the 80s, or is there still a member who has “lost” a TC? I’m trying to trace any ownership documentation, so don’t please all rush forward saying “Its Mine!” without something to back it up, please.

We assume the car is in Houston. If you have ideas you can use the Comment Tool below to reply. Or you can respond to Rffrench@comcast.net

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Car Show Preview

Hear it LIVE on October 25 at the All British Motor Expo.

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On a day like today, an MG must be driven.

We had to think a bit but found an urgent need that could only be handled in the 73 B.

To create a proper marinade for the beef tonight, we have to have the right soy sauce….Tamari.  The Kroger on West Rd. and 8 filled the need.  The ride was perfect and we wondered why we didn’t see other  M.G.s.

What creative reason did you find to exercise your British auto today?


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Poker Rally


Sponsored by The Houston MG Car Club


The Abingdon Poker Rally was held on Saturday, August 9, 2014, beginning at The Stag’s Head Pub. Coffee and donuts were enjoyed prior to issuance of the first of five playing cards. Twenty-four European cars with fifty participants braved the heat and 50 mile course to return to Stag’s Head for food, drinks and fun. Stops included Speed and Sport Chrome Shop, Reserve Supply and DriverSource.

Nancy and John Youens held the best poker hand and were awarded a $50 gift certificate from Reserve Supply. Pat and Mike Vecellio were second and received a $50 gift certificate from Speed and Sport. The third place winner also received a gift from Speed and Sport.

An impromptu car show was held in the parking lot, where judges agreed that the Triumph TR3A of Ziad Saliby represented the “Best Spirit of the Event”. The sleek Triumph in competition trim sported racing numbers, a roll-over bar and Brooklands screens. The fascia board was decorated with dash plaques from prior events. Ziad was awarded the Abingdon Poker Rally trophy, a 1957 trophy previously given in period to a racer from Kansas City, for his speed exploits in a 1955 Ford Thunderbird racer.

After viewing The Racers, a 1955 feature film starring Kirk Douglas and Cesar Romero, the final “Hard Luck” award was given to Nancy Youens for changing a flat on Gordon and Angie Bard’s MGB! With sweat and a smile, Nancy joyfully accepted!

Participants represented five different clubs in the Houston area. Despite the searing heat, a good time was had by all. Comments heard by Rallymaster Cragg Eubanks indicated that future joint club events should be well attended.

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Space Center Event ~ Sept. 20


Hope you have all had a great Labour Day weekend!!  Time to start your engines and take-off for an out of this world adventure to Space Center Houston on the 20th of September.

 Flight directions are simple, so exit NASA RT 1 off I-45 South just South of Clear Lake City.  We will meet at the driveway entrance to the Space Center, which is just after the end of the NASA 1 By-pass, on the left.  Look for the BGT V8.  Touchdown time is Noon!!!

 The newest addition is the replica of the shuttle mounted on the 747 transport plane.  It is really neat.  Plan on spending as long as you want. There is a café or bring your lunch and enjoy the picnic area.  I will be checking at our meeting or please call Ray at 713.927.6236 and let me know if I should get you a ticket(s).  With 15 tickets, group tickets are $10.95 each, a 50% discount.

 Plan on coming out and reliving the 60s when some of our cars were new and we all had no worries, except which Astronaut was going into Space next.  PS, there is a Starbucks on NASA RT 1 just down the road from the entrance, for pre-fueling.





Ray Holtzapple

Mobile 713.927.6236

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Houston British Motor Expo

In our 25th year of coordinating this important show of British automobiles, we have a new location, and new host,  in southwest Houston.  To save a few bucks, you will want to register by October 1.  A printable form appears below.







British.Expo 2014

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