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The Roars

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  • September 17, 2020 9:46 PM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

    by Dwight Dawson

    What do 140 members of the Houston MG Car Club do in the middle of a global pandemic? Surely there is some grousing about “nothing to do,” and “why can’t I find an initiative in this club to amuse me and make me smarter about my MG?”

    To the credit of our stalwart President Mike Woodward, there has been a lengthy list of “virtual events” to engage members who are interested and willing to educate themselves on how to Zoom. Examples of these internet situated activities can be seen on the website under EVENTS. Given that the average age of most active Club members is in the “endangered age group,” there can be no face-to-face gatherings that put people in harm’s way. And while nobody can argue that we must never complain or be unhappy about the way things are in our MG World, complaining doesn’t change anything except perhaps the exacerbation of already foul moods. The many virtual events that Mike has arranged, designed and expertly emceed have included Tech Sessions, Pub Quizzes, a Jeopardy Game, a Virtual Car Show, and monthly Member Meetings. Remember, Zooming is not what he signed up for but he does it!

    As in pre-Covid days, not everyone can attend every event. However, an increasing number of us is taking advantage of these digital venues. Perseverance in the shutdown-ness in which we now live enables the willing individual to learn a new factoid to two about MGs and their care. Topics have included detailing and preparing your MG for a show, appropriate lubricants to use in our ancient autos, and dealing with electrical glitches.

    This past Saturday, September 12th, about 25 folks tuned into our Zoom session on tires, (or tyres as Mike and Stephanie would spell them). Miles Sandy, the son of long-time member Pete Sandy, was the featured special expert on the subject of the four steel and rubber round things that we rely on when the engine starts and the clutch engages. Miles is the manager of a Discount Tires facility at SH 99 and Westpark. He shared his expertise on wire wheels and many other tire/wheel details that are unique to MGs and other vintage autos. Interestingly, Miles knows a lot what he does because he assisted his father in MG racing and other activities that required roadworthy tires and wheels. President Mike managed to direct this latest tech session even whilst (my new favorite British word) he and Stephanie were cavorting around the state providing grandparent childcare relief for their three daughters and sons-in-law. It was a great session and another one that has been recorded and available to all on the website. 

    All things considered, we will all recognize the pandemic as a perfect time to begin that challenging project or difficult learning that you always wanted to accomplish. Our Club’s virtual events are a good place to start toward your breakthrough accomplishment. The virus has certainly not stopped us. When the time is right, we will rejoin fellow MG enthusiasts with a new appreciation for pressing the flesh and being in the actual presence of others with shared interests. Maybe we’ll look back and laugh… maybe not.

    See you soon for another Pub Quiz on September 26th. Your minimum contribution is to prepare your very own favorite libation, just for attending. Cheers!

  • September 13, 2020 7:44 AM | Mike Woodward (Administrator)

    Dear  All,

    Here is the recording of the Tech Session :


    The password is :  N&=Czz7N

    Here is Miles's card :

    Here is the Powerpoint :

    Tire Wheel .pptx

    Safety fast!


  • September 12, 2020 4:01 PM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

    We all know that the Houston MG Car Club serves our local members well, but you may be surprised to learn that there are people from around the world who are visiting our website.  Through Google Analytics we are able to see where our visitors are from.  Of course, the top country is the U.S. and as you would expect the country with the second most visitors is Canada.  But from there it gets interesting.  The next three are the United Arab Emirates, China and the UK.  We have also had visitors from other unexpected locations such as Argentina, Philippines, Turkey and Russia (hope it wasn't to influence the vote of our club elections).

    Here are the top countries from where we have had visitors to our website:

    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. UAE
    4. China
    5. UK
    6. Japan
    7. Netherlands
    8. Australia
    9. France
    10. Germany
    11. Argentina
    12. Brazil
    13. Philippines
    14. Mexico
    15. India
    16. New Zealand
    17. Finland
    18. Turkey
    19. Denmark
    20. Singapore
    21. Belgium
    22. Italy
    23. Russia
    24. Hong Kong

  • September 05, 2020 11:31 AM | Mike Woodward (Administrator)

    Dear All,

    Here is the link for the Sptember monthly meeting :


    Password is : 9N?%p#DA

    Safety Fast!


  • September 02, 2020 11:00 PM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

    Well, maybe not that fast, but our club is growing, we are now at 140 members with 10 new members joining us in the last month.  We look forward to welcoming them all in person when we get beyond these crazy time and begin having in person events and driving our cars.

    Sept 3, 2020 UPDATE: we added another member today, bringing us to 141 members, 11 in the last 30 days.  Isn’t it awesome to be part of a dynamic organization.  

  • August 30, 2020 9:19 AM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

    We have added a Birthday field to the profile page.  If you will share this information with us, we would love to celebrate your special day with you.

    THE 150 FUNNIEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEMES (Dank Memes Only) - Yellow Octopus

    To add your birthday to your profile, click on the blue man icon at the top of the page, this will take you to your profile page.  Click on "EDIT PROFILE" opening the page for editing.  Page down to the Birthday field, near the bottom and simply add your birthday. 

  • August 15, 2020 11:53 AM | Mike Woodward (Administrator)

    For those of you that missed the Tech' Session today the password is : 


    Here is the link:


  • August 12, 2020 9:05 AM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

    We received word today that a Founding Member of the Houston MG Car Club, Frank Glass, has passed away at age 89.  Frank recovered from serious illness some years ago and subsequently acquired his final MG, a wonderful 1937 Tickford VA.  This very attractive old MG was shown and dazzled us at our All British Expo a few years ago. 

    Frank was an active member in the 70’s and 80’s and served as Club President in 1987.  We so appreciate his contributions to the MG World and will miss him.  Further details may be posted as they become available.   

    Frank Ray Glass, 89, of Grimes County, passed away peacefully in his sleep on August 11th 2020 at Colonial Oaks Assisted Living in Katy, Texas. Frank was born in San Angelo, TX, but has been a long time resident of Houston and neighboring counties for most of his life. He is a 1953 graduate of The University of Houston School of Architecture and was a member of Sigma Nu and the Frontiersmen. He has been employed with several firms, most notably, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine in 1960 and was the Chief Architect of Public Works for The City of Houston from 1989 – 1996. He was honored by the city in 1996 when he retired. Frank moved to Grimes County in 1997 and served as their Commissioner from 1998-2002. He was an active member of the Grimes County Republican Committee.

    Frank was a founding member of the MG Car Club of Houston and served as President for a term. He has 4 antique MG cars in his personal collection.

    Frank was also a long time member of Planters Lodge, number 147, located in Plantersville, TX. He was a lifetime member of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo and served on the parade committee. Frank served as a Field Artillery Sargent in the Army National Guard from 1949 – 1952

    Frank is survived by his three children; Forrest Glass of Abilene, TX, Melissa Hanst (Glass) of Houston, TX, and Michael Glass of Katy, TX. He is also survived by 6 grandchildren; Brian Glass, Laura Parker (Glass), Cody Glass, Elizabeth Glass, William Hanst, and Amanda Hanst. Frank is also survived by 2 step-grandchildren; DL Gibson and Celia Orcutt. Frank is also survived by 6 great grandchildren.

  • August 09, 2020 8:51 AM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

    There is a nice project car on Bring A Trailer today.  Wouldn’t it be great to have this car refurbished to it’s former glory and belonging to the club.


  • August 03, 2020 9:09 PM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

    For raffle, to support the Houston Food Bank, is a 1977 MGB with purple finish and a standard four speed transmission.

    Must be a member of the Houston MG Car Club to participate. 

    CLICK Here To Purchase a Ticket

    The car has a clean title and is currently registered with Texas Antique plates. A bill of sale along with the title and registration will be provided with the car. The car has recently had the following replaced:

    1. Seat coverings, as original, and carpet.

    2. Vinyl soft top.

    3. Weber downdraft carburetor.

    4. Battery.

    5. Pertronix distributor.

    6. Fuel pump.

    The car is visibly rust-free and the engine turns over freely but currently will not start. The car is being offered in "as is” condition and no warranty of any kind is given or implied.  The car is covered and stored and must be picked up at the 5RRestorations shop in Brookshire.  

    For more information click HERE.

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