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The Roars

  • May 22, 2023 7:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Well, I wasn't but the singer-songwriters at the Songwriter Serenade certainly were.  The weather kept most people from making the trip but the Dawson's and Chalker's braved the weather.  And yes, Kim and I drove the 72B.  You'll have to ask Dwight what he drove.  

    Weather aside, we had a wonderful Saturday afternoon.  It began by meeting at Buc-ees in Katy to fill up on coffee and goodies and then a two hour drive through the countryside.  Yes, it rained most of the way.  In fact, it was raining so hard that the competition had to be delayed while they moved everything to another building that didn't have a metal roof.  The noise was deafening.   

     Once the show started the rain was quickly forgotten as the singers were incredibly talented and creative.  How could you not enjoy songs with titles such as "Hold My Beer While I Break My Own Heart" or "Love Songs In Reverse" and "poncho Villa Rides Again."   Although some of the songs were written to be funny others had a more serious message.  The winner of the competition, Caitlin Cannon sang of her brother who had spent most of his life in prison for a foolish crime as a youth.  While incarcerated he found the Lord and love.   The music ranged from slow ballads to Mexican melodies to country and the Blues.  There were fifteen performers and they hailed from across the country - Nashville, New York City, Denver, Montana, California, Minnesota and of course Houston and Austin.  They kept us entertained throughout the afternoon.  The organizers also had lunch available and a bar with beer and wine.  The setting can't be beat as it is in the Texas Country side.  

    By mid afternoon the rain dried up and we had an uneventful ride home.

    If the club does this event next year, you don't want to miss it.  Where else can you see some of the country's top talent for $15.00.

  • May 15, 2023 9:49 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The 2023 edition of the Keels & Wheels Concours D'Elegance honored the 100th anniversary of the MG Car company and our LBC's and the Houston MG Car Club was well represented.  There were 17 MG's entered in the show including Carl Shelby's No. 13 and the Arnolt MG.  

    Alex Chaykowski took Best in Class Gold Trophy with his 1954 MG TF.  Also receiving best in class honors were Rich Colwell's 1959 MGA Twin Cam and Dwight Dawson's 1973 MGB.  Leland Drum's 1957 MGA received a Silver Trophy.  

    HMGCC award winners Rich Colwell, Dwight Dawson and Lee Drum, missing from the photo is Alex Chaykowski

    Two very special MG's were on display, Carroll Shelby's first race car, a 1949 MG TC and an Arnolt MG.  

    Carroll's grandson, Aaron Shelby was on the show grounds sharing his knowledge and experiences with attendees.  He took special interest in club member Paul Brownell's 1952 Allard J2.  


    Other Houston MG Car Club members who displayed there vehicles were Ken Evesson (two MGA's), John Bowyer (1946 MG TC), Charles Sill (1948 MG TC), Curtis Burton (1952 MG TD) and James Mc Whinnie (1960 MGA).  

    While at the Keels and wheels event we held our May monthly meeting with nearly 40 people in attendence.  Roger Sykes, who is a long time volunteer for K&W's shared the story of the event and answered our many questions.  Not only has Roger been a volunteer since the inception of K&W's he lived at the  Lakewood Yacht Club for 26 years.  His stories were fascinating.  We also had two perspective new members join us.

    Keels & Wheels is a one of the countries premiere Concours D'Ellegence and is held each year on the grounds of the Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook, TX.   It is a one of a kind event as it combines the best of a world class car and boat show in setting that is unmatched.  

    Here are more photos from the day.  Enjoy!

    Club member Dwight Dawson receiving his Best in Class trophy

    I couldn't resist this one, I learned to ski on these Cypress Garden Trainers

  • May 05, 2023 5:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here is the latest, lot's of time and opportunity to gain points...

  • April 17, 2023 4:17 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Since its creation in the early 1920’s, MG cars have been a favorite of sports car enthusiasts. The past one hundred years have seen a history filled with styles of MGs from touring to single-seater racing types.

    Although the MG brand was shelved by British Leyland in 1980 when MGB production came to an end and the MGB was no longer imported to the US, the famous octagonal badge still exists in the England, and there is even a very well received electric version that is in great demand.

    Morris Garages/MG Car Co. (1923 to 1935)

    William Morris started building bicycles in Longwall Street, Birmingham. By 1911, Morris had turned his attention to motor cars and was selling and repairing various makes from the rebuilt premises, now renamed Morris Garages. In 1922 William Morris appointed his head salesman, a young Cecil Kimber, as general manager. The MG name, based on the initials of the garage, first appeared in 1923 on a Kimber bodied bull nosed Morris Cowley special in which Kimber won gold in the Land’s End Trial. Although this winning car is claimed to be the prototype MG, the model recognized today as the first ever MG, or Old Number One, is a preserved pointed-tail two-seater.

    In 1930, the year MG went racing, the MG Car Company Ltd was incorporated. Although William Morris personally owned the company, he eventually sold his holdings in MG to Morris Motors in 1935, the lead company in the Morris Organization.

    Morris Motors Ltd (1935 to 1952)

    The MG Car Company had produced a string of successful models that included several Midgets, K-Type Magnette plus the L and M-Type Magna. One of the first models to be built after MG came under the control of Morris Motors was the 1936 TA Midget, the first of the company’s T-Series sports cars. The saloons, as the British called the family cars were produced included the SA, VA and WA models.

    During WWII, MG auto production was shifted to tanks and airplane wings. At the end of the war, the now famous MG TC started production. The returning GIs brought back this model and it started a revolution and is many times accredited as “The Sports Car America First Loved”. In 1950 the MG TD and the four passenger YA and YT were imported, and a US dealership organization was formed.

    British Motor Corporation (1952 to 1968)

    In 1953 the TF and TF 1500 were introduced and in 1956 the streamlined MGA, with a new 1500 cc engine, was produced. The MGA sold over 100,0000 cars until it was replaced by the MGB in 1962. The MGB GT was added to the model line in 1965. During the period from 1954 to 1958, the ZA/ZB Magnette, the first model constructed with an all welded unit body, became the vanguard of a stream of post war MG saloons. Some shared body styles with other marques.

    British Leyland (1968 to 1986)

    Consolidation of the British motor industry resulted in the merger of Leyland Motors and BMC under the British Leyland banner. The MGB soldiered on and saw a brief burst of rejuvenation when the MGB GT V8 was produced from 1973 to 1976. Sadly, this high-performance model was never exported and its introduction coincided with an energy crises. On October 22, 1980, now known as Black Friday, British Leyland closed the famed Abingdon MG plant, a move that would result with the MG Car Company name as we knew it finally being consigned to the history books.

    After the closing of the factory at Abingdon, there have been several successors to the MG name. Rover for several years tried to revive the marque with the MG RV8 in the 1990s and the mid-engine MG TF at the end of the decade. More recently, the MG is being produced in England but unfortunately not for the US market. The MG brand today is Chinese owned, but is alive, selling well, bringing out an electric sports car, and has a fantastic following throughout the world.

    - contributed by Ray Holtzapple

  • March 22, 2023 11:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    For Immediate Release

    March 21, 2023

    Inside the Octagon: MG Documentary Films Archived for Educational Research at Revs Institute®

    Inside the Octagon and Inside the Octagon 2, the definitive MG history documentary films, are now included in the prestigious archives of Revs Institute® in Naples, Florida. Retired Houston filmmaker Gary Watson donated his two films to the institute in March 2023 to ensure their long-term preservation and accessibility for automotive-history research.

    Watson produced Inside the Octagon in 1995 and Inside the Octagon 2 in 2008. Both films have been highly praised throughout the MG community for bringing the story of the classic British sportscar to life through wide-ranging interviews with key MG personalities. This informative, entertaining oral history of the company includes many colorful reminiscences, including those of John Thornley, former MG general manager, and Jean Kimber Cook, daughter of MG founder Cecil Kimber.

    “Those who sat for filmed interviews entrusted their stories to me and the film,” Watson said. “It is incumbent on me to ensure that those stories are not lost. Revs Institute’s archive and library are a fitting permanent home for these films and related materials.”

    Revs Institute is dedicated to the study and celebration of the automobile. It exists to foster a new level of understanding of the automobile, not only as a technological device, but as an agent for social and economic change worthy to be considered among the masterpieces of human creativity.  Housed in the museum is a collection of over 100 historical, exceptional automobiles that meet rigorous standards for importance, rarity and technical, aesthetic, or social significance. Revs Institute also has an extensive archive and library of books, periodicals, photos, film, ephemera, brochures, advertisements, primary source materials, and multilingual technical publications. The library is available as a resource for those interested in automotive history. Revs Institute is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, housed in 80,000 square feet, purpose-built facility.

    Watson’s donation of Inside the Octagon and Inside the Octagon 2 comprises production materials that trace the story of the MG Car Company from its origins in the 1920s to the end of production in 1980. The donation includes original film elements, original audio recordings, master film prints, videotapes, video files, still photos, research material, scripts, and correspondence between Watson and the participants in the film. Revs Institute will store the materials for the short term in a climate-controlled space and will then incorporate them into its yearly plan for processing by archivists.

    “The inclusion of Inside the Octagon in the Revs Institute archives is the culmination of a decades-long journey for me,” said Watson. “It fulfills my goal to assure MG enthusiasts that this accurate historical record of an iconic, beloved sportscar is preserved and that these films themselves are now a part of that extraordinary history.”


    Contact:  Gary Watson                                                Revs Institute Inc.                                              2500 Horseshoe Drive S.

                                                                                                Naples, Florida 34104


  • March 10, 2023 2:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

  • March 10, 2023 2:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

  • March 10, 2023 2:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

  • March 07, 2023 4:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We received this letter from Heather Marsh & Russell Read who are the coordinators for the TX MG Registry Spring GoF (Gathering of the Faithful)...

    Greetings from your Spring GoF hosts Heather and Russell.  This will be in your next issue of BACKROADs, but if you want to print it out - see attached!  A formal schedule will be forthcoming, but see below for a snapshot.

    • Thursday Night (April 27th):  Caravan to the Spare Birdie Public House.  Pay your own way… and get ready to play darts, have fun with a huge variety of video games…and oh yeah…eat and drink!  Visit for an online preview.
    • Friday Late Morning-Early Afternoon (April 28th):  Caravan to Perissos Winery.  Visit for an online preview.
    • Friday Late Afternoon (April 28th):  The Terrific TMGR TECH TEAM will host a session at the host hotel!
    • Friday (April 28th) Evening:  Pizza in the hotel parking lot.  First Come- First Served!
    • Saturday (April 29th) start the day with some spit and polish and get ready for the car show!
    • And of course, Saturday will include a fun drive, and end with the TMGRs Spring GoF banquet.
    • Sunday will feature a lot of hugs in the hotel lobby as TMGR-ers say goodbye to friends, and promise to meet up sometime over the summer for fun drives.

    AND click below for the online reservation to the host hotel - rooms $149 with breakfast.

    Texas MG Register Group Block II | April 2023

    Rooms = $149 with breakfast.


    SAFETY FAST and Happy 100th birthday to the MG MARQUEE!  Heather Marsh and Russell Read / TMGR Volunteers

  • February 21, 2023 4:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Photos by Lesley & Gavin Kidd, Bob Chalker

    On Saturday the club was represented in the Katy Livestock and Rodeo parade, a two mile affair through the heart of the city.  The weather was a bit nippy to start but everyone bundled up and had their cowboy hats firmly on their heads.  Soon the day warmed up a bit and everyone had a great time.  We had 10 cars with a mix of MGB's and MGA's and we took in a stray Triumph.  The streets were filled with spectators and our cars were a hit.  Maybe it was all the candy we threw to the little ones.  We were pleasantly surprised later in the day when we learned that the club was awarded first place in the class of Cars, Trucks, Tractors & Toys.  Gee, I wonder if they thought we were driving cars or toys?   Next year we will need to up our game, maybe we will add decorations and choreographed maneuvers down the parade route. 

    Enjoy the photos below.....

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