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It's all about the MG's - The British Sports Car America Loved First

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What Is That Thing?

  • April 15, 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • On Your Computer,Iphone, Tablet etc.

Registration is closed

At 7:00 PM on April 15 we will be holding another Zoom event. In order to participate you are asked to present an item, photo or video of MG interest to the group and then challenge them to answer one question about that item. - The question should be challenging.

 So dig in the boxes in the garage, do an exhaustive internet search and then present that one item to challenge your friends in the MG virtual community.

What Is That Thing? -  Rules.

  • 1.    Each participant displays an item/photograph/video of MG interest.
  • 2.    On a sheet of paper, each participant compiles a list all the presenters.
  • 3.    Each participant then guesses what each item is, without comment, and writes it on the paper, next to the presenter’s name.
  • 4.    Each participant scores one point for each item correctly identified.
  • 5.    The displays are then explained by each presenter and questions about the display answered by the presenter.
  • 6.    The presenter then offers one challenging question about the item that is provided for a bonus point.
  • 7.    Each participant then adds his or her answer to the bonus question to the item listing.
  • 8.    After the final item is discussed each participant tallies his/her score.
  • 9.    The participant that scores the highest number of points and proves so by showing their answer sheet, wins a highly prized HMGCC coffee mug.

p.s. Bonus points are offered for participants drinking a glass or more of Old Speckled Hen during the event !!!

Contact Us:

Houston MG Car Club

10119 Hibernia Dr.

Houston, TX  77088

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