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Annual HMGCC Picnic

July 13, 2021 6:58 PM | Scott Hardy (Administrator)

The pictures in this article were supplied by David Dodd, and we are publishing them with our appreciation. The commentary is mine alone. While David actually attended the event, I was not able to do so, therefore my commentary may or may not reflect the reality of the day. But these days, with reality being abused daily, who is to say that my account is wrong? -Scott

The annual Houston MG Car Club picnic was held at Meyer Park in Spring, TX on a partly sunny, warm and mostly dry July 10. The much-anticipated event was hosted by club members Gordon and Angie Bard, who are notorious for dressing up for any reason at all and making any mundane occasion seem extraordinary. Club members thereby braced themselves for the sight of lunch being served by a giant woodland animal (beaver? squirrel? grizzly?) and were relieved to find that Gord elected to present himself only as a teenage girl. In the photo to the right, Gord (the cute one in the dress) takes a break from roasting cicadas spiced with his homemade habanero garlic rub.

Foregoing the traditional “blanket on the ground” approach, the rather more gentrified club members elected to enjoy their gourmet picnic meal on sturdy benches in a shaded pavilion. What better place to enjoy the culinary delights from the fertile imagination of Chef Gordon, including Texas specialties such as Armadillo Poppers, Roast Palestine Possum, Sauteed Brenham Wild Boar Tails, and Longhorn Skirt Steak braised in Dr. Pepper?

An MG is almost the perfect vehicle with which to drive oneself to a picnic. A cheap and cheerful motor is the ultimate conveyance for anyone who can’t afford to actually eat at a restaurant and therefore finds throwing a blanket on the ground with cheap cold cuts scrounged from home an acceptable alternative gustatory experience. And that blanket can be found in most of our cars, because it is a ubiquitous MG accessory, protecting the occupants from either the malfunctioning heater or the ill fitting side curtains / soft top. Picnics attract annoying insects and small rodents; ditto, the interior and wiring of just about any project MG. The following cars found the lure of the great outdoors irresistible, and even managed to start on demand and make it to Meyer Park. The big question – did they all make it home?

Another highlight of any HMGCC event is an address by our Beloved Leader, Mr. Michael Woodward. And the picnic was no exception. In the photo to the right, Chairman Mike regales the adoring throngs with an amusing anecdote from his upcoming book, “Minor Miracles: How to Keep a Morris Running Using Only Articles Purchased from a Dollar Store (Part 3)”.

And the main attraction – fun and games! After that embarrassing incident during Duck, Duck, Goose when Joe tore off his shirt, sprinted to the duck pond and dove in headfirst, our Beloved Leader led the assembly in the intricacies of Blindfolded Reverse Gear Slalom races. In this photo, you can see the fear on his face as his time is about to be bettered by Larry in his race tuned B-GT. Fortunately, Larry’s car lost power just before the finish, leaving victory befittingly in our Beloved Leader’s hands.

All in all, an excellent time was had by all, and tales aplenty will be told at future gatherings. Until next time – Safety Fast!

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