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Fixed It!

July 10, 2022 6:37 PM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

Since I bought my MGB I have struggled with the driver side mirror.   There is not enough adjustment to find the right line of sight.   To see what is coming behind me I have always had to tuck my chin into my left shoulder and drop my head.  Not only was this uncomfortable, it really was a bit dangerous.  That is until today.  

A few months back Dwight Dawson shared with me that he had purchased a few bits from Modern Touring, a website that specializes in 3D printing unique parts for our cars to solve those minor annoyances.  One of their products is a wedge that goes between the drivers side mirror (I assume it will work on the passenger side as well) and the body of the car providing a better angle for the mirror.  


The installation took less than 20 minutes and most of that time is getting the mirror adjusted properly and the lock nut tightened.  It is a simple matter of turning your mirror to a vertical position and removing two screws.  Place the wedge between the mirror and the gasket and screw it back in place.  The product was a perfect fit.  The only caution is that the screws provided by Modern Touring were the wrong thread pattern for my car.  But, the bolts that were originally on my car were long enough that I could reuse them.  

Took it for a test drive and for the first time I am able to comfortably look out my driver side review mirror. 

Oh yea, I still need to break my "tuck and drop" habit when I look out my review m

You can find the contact information to Modern Touring and many other suppliers of products and services that have been recommended by club members on the Resources Page of our website.

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