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A Long Way Home

October 18, 2022 12:49 PM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

Bear with me as this is a story that covers more than 2 years, or possibly decades.  In February of 2020 we were contacted through the club’s email by Paul, a gentleman in Aberdeeneshire, Scotland who is a car enthusiast.  He had received a box of parts and found within them two grill badges from our very own Houston MG Car Club.  As an enthusiast he knew the value of helping the badges find their way back home to the club they represent.

Paul shared with us that the parts came from an older gentleman’s collection that was stored in a shed owned by one of Paul’s co-workers.  They became available when the prior owner passed away a few years back. As a fun fact, the shed is located in Ballater which is very close to the Balmoral Estate where Queen Elizbeth stayed when she was in Scotland.

Recognizing how great it would be to have these in our possession I immediately reached out to Paul thanking him for contacting us and expressing our interest to have them returned to the club.  Then the fury of the COVID pandemic hit.  In addition, Paul works offshore, interesting enough for a Houston based oil & gas company, and we both had issues with emails being lost in our spam folders.  With all these disruptions it took more than two years before we made the proper arrangements to have the badges returned but they are safely in the archives of the club.

I am pleased to report that one of the badges is being put to good use.  It is the centerpiece on our newest club award trophy – The Kimber Spirit Award.

The Kimber Spirit Award recognized the club member family who attends the most club sanctioned events each year.  You can learn more about this and our other awards on the ABOUT page of our website.

The second grill badge is also interesting, stay tuned to learn more about it in a future post….

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