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November 17, 2018 2:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

HMGCC at the Lone Star Flight Museum at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base

By Bob Crow

More than a dozen of our members arrived for breakfast at the Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar, Baybrook Mall on Saturday, November 10th. Several people took advantage of the chilly weather and arrived with tops down, heaters on, in the proper spirit of British motoring. Whiskey Cake offers a different breakfast /brunch sort of menu and folks at one end of the table - names withheld - enjoyed Mimosas while waiting for their eggs Benedict.   

As events coordinator, I'd foolishly assumed that breakfast would be over and we'd all be on the road for the short drive to Ellington and the Lone Star Flight Museum by 10am. Instead, perhaps lubricated by decent drink and tasty food, we were still sitting at the table talking and laughing when someone realized it was after 11!

After settling our bills, few instructions were needed for most to find their way to Ellington and the museum. I couldn't resist the offer to ride in Terry Charlton's modified V8 MGB and enjoyed the 'getting up to freeway speed' acceleration and beautiful V8 music.    

There was plenty of parking at the museum and in we all went. Lone Star Flight Museum really is one of the nicer aircraft exhibition spaces anywhere. We saw lots of very beautiful and interesting planes and enjoyed informative displays. Many of us saw the restored B-25 bomber that is based at the museum take off while we were there. What a magnificent noise those big old radial engines make when they lift the big bird into the air! 

I want to add a special thanks to my friend Ron, a veteran hero helicopter pilot, for coming along and explaining how the heck helicopters can fly. I spent over two hours in the museum and barely saw half of it. Maybe we can come here again.

Fifteen hardy souls attended, five of whom drive MGs. They are: Gordon Bard (1972 MGB), Paul Brown, Terry Charlton (1963 modified MGB), Rick Coblents, Bob and Elke Crow, Dwight and Candy Dawson, Greg Fleischer (1971 MGB), Ray Holtzapple, Marilyn Proctor (1977 MGB), Bob and Kathy Schroder, and Fred and Lisa Whitla (1977 MGB).

From the club:  THANK YOU to Bob Crow for coordinating this event.  The Houston MG Car Club is an all volunteer organization and is only as good as we the members make it.  If anyone is interested in coordinating a future event you can volunteer by sending an email to the Mike Woodward, Events Coordinator,through the club's email or speaking to him at a future event.

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