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Ralph Lauren's Love Of Cars Begins With A ....

February 11, 2019 12:38 PM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

1954 MG TD.     That's right one of the richest men in the world, more importantly the man who has defined American clothing style for more than 50 years began his love affair for cars with a 1954 MG TD owned by his brother.

While on a flight for a business trip, I had the opportunity to catch up on reading past issues of AUTOWEEK Magazine.  The December 3, 2018 issue has an excellent story on Ralph Lauren's incredible collection of the world's finest automobiles.

Lauren, born Ralph Lifschitz (I am not kidding, that is his birth name) did not come from a rich European family but from very humble New York beginnings.  Growing up he didn't even own a bicycle, there was no way he could have conceived owning one of the world's finest collections of rare automobiles.  As a young man, his first introduction to "exotic" cars was when his brother bought a 1954 MG TD.  He also recalls staring in to the front window of Fergus Motors showroom in Manhattan, at the Morgans.  According to the article, When Lauren was first getting started he couldn't afford much, but he bought a 1961 Morgan, British racing green with a leather strap across the bonnet.  He is quoted "It said something to me...it went with my style."  Even though Lauren own's everything from 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic to a McLaren F1 LM to Ferrari's, Porsche's and Mercedes, British cars hold a special place in his heart.  And yes, he does have LBC's in the collection.

Go figure, once again MG's are at the heart of all things automotive.

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