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Club Name Tags

May 13, 2019 3:30 PM | Bob Chalker (Administrator)

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When new Members join the club they are provided up to two name tags per family, with magnetic clasp at no additional cost.  Use of the tags makes it easier for all of us to know each other and socialize. (If magnets are an issue, they can be ordered with just a safety pin.)

If you would like an additional name tag or have lost yours a new one can be ordered through the website's store.  Additional tags or replacing lost tags are $20.00.  Once you place your order send your preferred name to be put on the tag to the Membership Chairman, HoustonMGCarClub@gmail.com

If you did not receive name tags as a new member and would like to get one, AND WEAR THEM, also send an email to the membership chair at the HoustonMGCarClub@gmail.com.  Additional tags or replacing lost tags are $20.00.  

Contact Us:  HoustonMGCarClub@gmail.com

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