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Corona Competition Week 5 Entry.

April 22, 2020 2:31 PM | Mike Woodward (Administrator)

This entry is our first international contribution from a longtime friend of the Renners and the HMGCC. Composed especially for this time…


Corona Competitionentry, week 5

By Angus Jamieson, Inverness, Scotland

If you have to buy a British Car

The Rolls Royce is the nicest

But the old MG is the best by far

For such a time of crisis.

We could buy a flashy vehicle

So that others would admire us

But the MG is a miracle

That deters Corona Virus.


A mask might be protective

Or some other PPE

But there’s nothing as effective

As an MGBGT.

It’s the perfect safe environment

A compact sterile bubble

That keeps those in retirement

From every kind of trouble.


I asked the guy at AVIS

Why he rented MGBs

And the reason that he gave us

Was very plain to see,

“The reason people hire us

Is there’s very little room

And the poor Corona Virus

Can’t survive the petrol fumes.”


When it comes to social distancing

No matter where you are

With the guidelines there’s consistency

By staying in your car.

You can tell police inquisitors

That your wife and you complied

For there’s no room left for visitors

By the time you’re both inside.


If your state has driving limits

And you can’t exceed your quota

In an MGB in minutes

You could drive to North Dakota.

And if the cops seek vengeance

(You’re the type they keep their eyes on)

By the time they start their engines

You’ll be over the horizon.


So you took a good decision

When you bought a small MG

Though you’re subject to derision

From the ones that cannot see

That as they sit there in their Cadillac

All elegant and posh

That crowd of passengers in the back

Are among the great unwashed.


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