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Corona Competition Winner Week 9

May 22, 2020 2:40 PM | Mike Woodward (Administrator)

This week’s winner is….

Greg Ulrich!

This ‘n’ that…

Corona Competition entry week 9

by Greg Ulrich

SU Carburettors

Did you ever wonder where the name “SU” comes from in the SU Carburettors that are fitted to most MGs? Two brothers named Skinner invented the carburettors in the early 1920s. Their family was in the shoe manufacturing business and the brothers named their carburettor business “SU” for Skinner’s Union. William Morris (the Morris of Morris Garages) was so impressed with the carburettors that in 1927 he bought the company and, with Carl Skinner still in charge, built a highly successful business. From the time of the takeover in 1927, all Morris cars were fitted with SU Carburettors.

(From the book, LORD NUFFIELD, by Peter Hull)


Rally Tip from the Past

Everyone knows what a terrific job Wayne Moore has done in educating THE ROARS newsletter readers over the years about the proper way to conduct an MG rally. I recently came across the very first rally tip from our own Dean Kring, Houston MG Car Club Member #2, in the very first ROARS newsletter, dated June 1971. And I quote:

If you have a temper but want to win, don’t have your spouse as your navigator. Good navigators are easier to come by than good spouses….maybe.          

Seems like good advice in 1971 and it still is today!


Did you ever wonder where the MG slogan “SAFETY Fast!” came from? According to an article by Norman Ewing in the December 1978 MG Car Club’s magazine, Safety Fast, the slogan originated in November 1929. Ted Colegrove, the MG publicity manager at Abingdon, was driving through Oxford one day and came up behind a bus. On the back of the bus was a large triangle with the words “Safety Fast!” to indicate that the bus had brakes all around— a new innovation in 1929. Mr. Colegrove altered the slogan to read “SAFETY Fast!” and eventually sold the idea to Cecil Kimber. By the way, to be proper, the slogan should always be shown with an exclamation point.

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