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The Roars

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  • February 20, 2024 11:09 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It was cloudy, cold and blustery outside but warm, well as warm as an MG can get, inside our cars.  The Houston MG Car Club made a great appearance in this year's Katy Rodeo Parade.  We had 9 cars and with the cool weather all made it to the end of the parade route with no overheating!  Although, I suspect we did put a bit of wear on our clutches.

    Thank you to Westenders Car Club member Andres Matheson for taking photos of our cars during the parade.

    We even had our own princesses, Jay Schwartz grandaughters, join us in the parade.

    We had a few brave souls who drove top down.

    Somehow we let a lesser car slip in with us.  Not everyone can be blessed to drive an MG.

  • January 30, 2024 1:05 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Club is off to a running start for what is sure to be a fantastic 2024, filled with many driving events, social activities and tech sessions.  

    We had a great turnout for our January meeting where we caught up with a couple of people to give them their 2023 awards and also the announcement of the 2024 door prize - A Houston MG Car Club wine cooler.  

    This past weekend the club member's visited the Houston Art Car Museum, a real treat for car buffs and art fanatics.  The museum has a rotating art display, this quarter it featured mosaics by Ann Harithas, the museum's founder.  For many year's Ann was a strong supporter of Houston artists and the Art Car Parade.  Along with her art, there were three cars on display that coordinated with the theme of her work. 

    The docent, Gary, did an amazing job telling us all about the cars, Ann and her work.  Following the Art Car Museum a few of us made the trip over to St. Arnold's Brewery were there are several parade ready art cars on display.

    Thanks to Steve Session for the photos from the January Meeting.

  • January 01, 2024 9:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    For many years the Houston MG Car Club met at Christie’s Seafood and Steaks.  Many of you may remember the monthly meetings being held in their back room, but I bet you didn’t know the history of the restaurant.  It is now the oldest restaurant in Houston and the story is an interesting read.  Click HERE to read more.

  • December 23, 2023 1:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

  • December 16, 2023 10:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Story and photos by Dwight Dawson

  • November 16, 2023 11:55 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What do you get when you mix an absolutely beautiful day with proud British car owners getting together to have fun and help support a wonderful charity, then throw in a solar eclipse for good measure?

    Our very own Houston MG Car Club’s 33rd Annual (almost) All British Car Day! This year’s show was held once again on the grounds surrounding The Butler House restaurant. We could not ask for a better host – the Butler House staff went out of their way again this year to help us stage our cars and supported us in every way possible. They even went out and obtained Old Speckled Hen English Ale just for us! We are happy to report that they also found the event a wonderful success and have asked us to return next year.

    From the start, one of the main reasons for putting on the show each year is to help support a local charity, and this year’s show was no different. The Isaiah 117 House of Montgomery and Walker Counties was this year’s charity, and we are happy to report that the show raised $1,500 that will be going directly to them. Isaiah 177 House is a wonderful charity set up to help kids transition through a very difficult time in their lives, and we are proud to support it.

    The show this year attracted 77 registrants, including six that surprised us all by showing up on the day of the event! Six gorgeous vehicles were in our Premier Class (winner of a first place award in their class two out of the last three years) and were featured in their very own fenced and artificially turfed showcase grounds, complete with cardboard strategically placed under the cars.

    Our featured marque this year was Jaguar, and their owners responded with a great representation of their beautiful cars, including our own Mike Woodward who garnered a second-place trophy for his wonderful 2009 Jaguar Vanden Plas. Along with the Jags, Triumph also had a good showing of their fine cars this year, but the largest showing and the best cars (let’s be honest here!) were our very own MG’s, with 34 examples ranging from Raymond Barth’s 1948 MGTC to René Buerger’s 1980 MGB.

    The beautiful day also attracted the participation of other British car brands, including Jensen Healey, Sunbeam, Morgan (even a 1937 model), Mini, and a rare 1951 Allard J2. The lone non-British entrant was a crowd pleasing, 97 year old, “I drive the wheels off of it” 1926 Bugatti Type 35 Targo Florio! And yes, it was driven to the show!

    This year saw the introduction of a new voting system using our cell phones and a link to vote for your favorite cars. While there were some growing pains with our first use of it, the pluses more than made up for any hiccups encountered and next year it will be even better! We have our own Steve Session to thank for implementing this system. He had the vision for it, found a system that we could work with and adapted it to our needs. By using your phone to vote, the tabulation of votes (and the anxiety that goes along with rushing to get it done) was greatly reduced and allowed us to get to the awards a lot quicker. And who doesn’t like getting their award quicker? The list of class winners can be found in the article below.

    Another first this year was the hip sounds and groovy licks from our very own in-club band – the Abingdon Express, made up of Ken Evesson, John Bowyer, Walter Bernard, Al Slater and Rich Cowell. A big thank you to the members of the band for giving their time and energy to come out and play for us and help create a fun and festive atmosphere for us to enjoy.

    A big part of the success of the show every year lands squarely on the shoulders of the wonderful people that volunteered to help out. A special thank you to Dwight Dawson for helping to register voters, and his wife Candy and Libby Childs for making the silent auction the success that it was. Thanks also to all who donated items to the auction, to Scott Kalish and Byron Nash for helping with registration and parking, and to Bob and Kim Chalker for making a special trip for supplies and answering all of our last minute questions.

    We are excited to be already making plans for next year’s 34th Annual event! It will return to the Butler House on October 12. We look forward to seeing even more beautiful cars and hopefully some motorcycles too, along with the great company of fellow enthusiasts and more of the fine food from The Butler House. Meanwhile, we are working on dialing up more fantastic weather – but arranging another solar eclipse is proving challenging!

     - Contributed by Lee Drum

     - Photos by Bob Chalker

  • November 16, 2023 11:02 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)




    MG TC

    John Bowyer

    1949 MG TC

    MG TD

    Arnel Brown

    1953 MG TD

    MG TF

    Ed Rosenquist

    1955 MG TF


    Neville Skead

    1956 MGA 1500

    MGA Coupe

    Paul Burgess

    1959 MGA 1500

    MGB Chrome bumper

    Dale Schiller

    1972 MGB

    MGB GT

    Bill Bowers

    1974 MGB GT

    MGB Rubber bumper

    Todd Armstrong

    1976 MGB


    David Fowler

    1975 Mini Cooper Monte Carlo


    Kim Freeman

    1937 Morgan SS


    David Guerrero

    1939 Talbot 10

    Triumph TR2 & TR3

    Mike Hado

    1962 Triumph TR3A

    Triumph TR4 & 250

    Steve Voss

    1965 Triumph TR4A

    Triumph TR6

    Gregory Sidora

    1971 Triumph TR6

    Jaguar E Type

    George Gibbons

    1968 Jaguar E Type 4.2

    Jaguar 1969 & Earlier

    Paul Brown

    1963 Jaguar Mark 2

    Jaguar 1970 & Newer

    Neville Skead

    2017 Jaguar F Type R

    Land Rover

    Sergio Perez

    1950 Land Rover Series 1

    British Special Interest

    Paul Brownell

    1951 Allard J2

    British Customized

    Ken Evesson

    1958 MGA 1500

  • November 04, 2023 8:28 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We had a very special costume come to the Witches Brew after party.  Scott Hardy came as our very own favorite Brit!

  • October 31, 2023 3:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here are the results from the TTR-HMGCC Autocross. See the accompanying article below for more information on this great event!

    Autocross Results.pdf

  • October 31, 2023 3:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The biennial autocross competition between the Texas Triumph Register and the Houston MG Car Club took place on Saturday, October 28 at the usual venue, the Houston Police Academy training track. The day started overcast, warm, and muggy, but no rain came down to confound the competitors. Mike Woodward and Gord Bard assisted with the technical inspections, making sure all the vintage iron was ready to face the rigors of the demanding track.

    Seventeen Triumphs answered the call to defend the Tourist Trophy against 16 MGs. The TRs were represented by a TR3A, a TR3B, a pair of Spitfires, a Sports6 sedan, a gaggle of TR6s, a TR7, a pair of TR8s, and their ace in the hole, a race prepared TR3 trailered to the course (boo). The good guys came out with a 1934 MG PA, three MGAs, a pair of MGB GTs, and a bevy of Bs. A smattering of lesser marques also showed up to see if they could best the LBCs.

    The Triumph club, who organized the event and set up the course, did a fine job of speeding up the action. The course layout was shorter than in previous years, which created time for more runs around the course. Though short, the layout had more higher speed curves, making it a difficult layout to master. Participants drove around the course during a familiarization lap, and then selected one of four heats in which to run. All contestants were allotted four runs of the track instead of three as in prior events.

    The action started fast and furious in Heat One. Lee Drum, pushing his pretty 1957 MGA to the limit, had the fastest time of the day going (self-reported) until spinning out on the sharpest high-speed turn on the track. Attempting to recover, he generated some serious expensive sounding noises when he tried to move forward. He was eventually able to complete the course in reverse when he discovered the damage allowed him to back up slowly without mechanical interference. Back in the pits, the ace pit crew determined that a locked and seized brake drum had shattered the axle splines when he attempted to restart, guaranteeing both an extensive repair and a nomination for this year’s Broken Crankshaft award.

    Our own Mike Woodward deserves special mention for his covert attempt to wrest the Tourist Trophy from the Triumph club. Mike owns both an MG and a Triumph, so on this occasion, he elected to drive his Spitfire. In an especially sporting gesture, he comfortably cruised his TR around the track four times, setting a leisurely pace that gave the MGs some needed breathing room. Well played, Mike!

    And his efforts might have worked, too, had the Triumphists not had their own trick, a race prepared TR3 that set the four fastest times of the day. This enabled the Triumphs to eke out a narrow 0.931 sec victory. Mike graciously congratulated the TTR for retaining the trophy – this time. The fastest MG time was turned in by Peter Shaw, who guided his 1972 MGB to a 53.785 sec lap. See the accompanying article for a complete list of results.

    An exciting time was had by all and be sure to put this event on your calendar for next year. It’s the most fun you will have in your car all year!

    - Contributed by Scott Hardy

    Photos by Ed Eveson. Visit ManCaveArt on Facebook to see them all!

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