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The Roars

  • December 12, 2018 7:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    By Bob Chalker

    The Club’s 2018 Christmas party was a smashing success. Falcon Point had the room beautifully decorated, a fire in the fireplace, and excellent food. Our President, Susan Cannon had prepared two fun trivia games with very nice prizes. (Ask Ron Redding to show you his new watch!) The only thing that didn’t work out was the weather but, of course, it wouldn’t be a Houston MG Car Club event if it didn’t rain. Two MGs— the Bards’ 1973 MGB and the Chalkers’ 1972 MGB—graced the parking lot in spite of the cold, wet day.

    The best part was the great turnout of club members and guests. As we all know, we joined the club because of the cars, but keep attending events because of the people. Each year the Christmas party is a highlight of our motoring season.

    A very special thank you to Susan and Keith Cannon for their hard work in planning a wonderful event.


    Traditionally, one of the most anticipated moments of the party is the presentation of the annual awards. This year’s winners are:

    Ralph Diebert Award - Jim Early

    Driver’s Award - Dwight Dawson

    Kimber Spirit Award - Mike Woodward

    Safety Fast Award - Bob Chalker

    Broken Crankshaft Award - Dwight Dawson

    Board of Directors’ Award - Bob Chalker

    Presidential Recognition Award - Susan Cannon

    A few more photos.....

  • December 08, 2018 5:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Club is proud to announce the new 2019 officers and board members.

    Mike Woodward, President

    Greg Fleischer, Vice President

    Dwight Dawson, Board of Directors

    Ray Holtzapple, Board of Directors

    John Bowyer, Board of Directors

    Continuing in their roles are:

    Mike Gentry, Chairman of the Board

    Tim Weeks, Secretary

    Fran Carpenter, Treasurer

    Dwight Dawson, Membership Chair

    Mike Woodward, Events coordinator

    Bob Chalker, Webmaster

    Stephen Fillmore, Regalia

    Dave & Linda Renner, Editor, the ROARS

    If you would like to volunteer with the club we can always use the help and would love to have you join us.  There are many opportunities - plan an event, submit an article to the ROARS or help with the organization of the car shows.  In October, 2019 we will be hosting the Texas Gathering of the Faithful, we will need lot's of help with this.

  • December 02, 2018 5:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    By Greg Ulrich

    Ever wonder why you frequently see bottles of “Old Speckled Hen” English Ale displayed along with those cute little MG’s at our car events? The ale was originally brewed in Abingdon, England, the same town where MG’s were produced for over 50 years. In fact, the ale was first brewed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the MG factory in Abingdon. The strong brew was named after an old canvas sided MG that was used as a factory run around car. Once again, all things MG have various versions. I happen to like this one.


    Over the years, the sides of the run around car became “speckled” with various shades of paint used in the factory.  Factory workers and locals dubbed the MG “the owld speckled un”. Hence, “Old Speckled Hen” ale was named after an old trusted factory MG called “the owld speckled un”. Moreland’s Brewery now brews Old Speckled Hen and claims that the distinctive flavor of their ale comes from the waters around Abingdon.  Moreland’s further claims that their ale is so popular that it now outsells Newcastle Brown Ale, a very popular English ale in the United States. 

    Want to learn more, click on the beer bottle below....

    Over the years, the sides of the run around car became “speckled” with various shades of paint used in the factory.  Factory workers and locals dubbed the MG “the owld speckled un”. Hence, “Old Speckled Hen” ale was named after an old trusted factory MG called “the owld speckled un”. Moreland’s Brewery now brews Old Speckled Hen and claims that the distinctive flavor of their ale comes from the waters around Abingdon. Moreland’s further claims that their ale is so popular that it now outsells Newcastle Brown Ale, a very popular English ale in the United States. Check out the photo of the original “owld speckled un” accompanying this story.
  • November 26, 2018 12:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Club member Jim Early’s 1962 MGA graced the back cover of the latest issue of MGA Magazine.  His is in the top photo.  Congratulation’s Jim on your car once again being recognized as a premier example of the MGA.  

  • November 24, 2018 10:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    While most people throughout the U.S. were in malls and shopping centers, standing in lines, wrestling for that last sales item and generally frustrating themselves, a few of us were out and about in our Little British Cars enjoying the day. We had a great turnout with 17 people driving 9 MGs and one modern Mini Cooper. Not sure how the Cooper snuck in, but hey, we are the Marque of Friendship, so we will let anyone join us. Before leaving, we even had a great conversation with the proud owner of a classic Pontiac.

    Meeting up at Buc-ee's in Katy

    We gathered at the Katy Buc-ee’s, filling ourselves with coffee & kolaches and our cars with pure-gas. Then we headed out onto a series of twisting, meandering country roads.

    Kicking the tires before departure

    Out of town visitors joining us for the drive

    (Can't believe Bob let his son-in-law drive his baby)

    Our 58-mile route took us through Brookshire, out past San Felipe de Austin State Park, turning south towards Simonton, into Fulshear and finally into Richmond where we ended the Trip at Bob’s Taco Station. This area is still wonderfully rural with lots of great driving, allowing for mostly unfettered 50 to 60 mile per hour driving on well-maintained roads. There are only a few small towns, requiring minimal stop and go traffic.

    The gang's all here

    The sights along the way were very much Texas – Longhorn cattle, horses, beautiful ranches and one very large roadkill (a wild boar) that made for an extra chicane in the roadway. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the house that was being moved and looked like something out of the Wizard of Oz.

    Auntie Em, Auntie Em...

    A very special shout out to the world famous Bob, of Bob’s Taco Station. He arranged for special parking in the front of his restaurant and reserved seating inside. We had great food, fun and laughter sharing stories and discussing potential future drives.

    No better place to end a drive than Bob's Taco Station in Richmond, TX

    I am happy to report that the weather held with moderate temperatures, clouds, and only a couple very light sprinkles in the morning. As we came out of Bob’s Taco, the clouds cleared, the sun came out and we had excellent top down driving weather. I am also happy to report that no one qualified for next year’s Broken Crankshaft Award. The cars ran flawlessly.

    Drivers and navigators were: Roger & Kaye Sykes, Ron Redding, Dwight & Candy Dawson, Mike & Stephanie Woodward, Jim Early, Bob & Stephen Chalker (Bob’s son), David & Taylor Smit, Kim Chalker & Bob Loomis (Kim’s dad) Dave & Linda Renner and Gordon Bard.

  • November 22, 2018 9:26 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wishing one and all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  • November 17, 2018 2:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    HMGCC at the Lone Star Flight Museum at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base

    By Bob Crow

    More than a dozen of our members arrived for breakfast at the Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar, Baybrook Mall on Saturday, November 10th. Several people took advantage of the chilly weather and arrived with tops down, heaters on, in the proper spirit of British motoring. Whiskey Cake offers a different breakfast /brunch sort of menu and folks at one end of the table - names withheld - enjoyed Mimosas while waiting for their eggs Benedict.   

    As events coordinator, I'd foolishly assumed that breakfast would be over and we'd all be on the road for the short drive to Ellington and the Lone Star Flight Museum by 10am. Instead, perhaps lubricated by decent drink and tasty food, we were still sitting at the table talking and laughing when someone realized it was after 11!

    After settling our bills, few instructions were needed for most to find their way to Ellington and the museum. I couldn't resist the offer to ride in Terry Charlton's modified V8 MGB and enjoyed the 'getting up to freeway speed' acceleration and beautiful V8 music.    

    There was plenty of parking at the museum and in we all went. Lone Star Flight Museum really is one of the nicer aircraft exhibition spaces anywhere. We saw lots of very beautiful and interesting planes and enjoyed informative displays. Many of us saw the restored B-25 bomber that is based at the museum take off while we were there. What a magnificent noise those big old radial engines make when they lift the big bird into the air! 

    I want to add a special thanks to my friend Ron, a veteran hero helicopter pilot, for coming along and explaining how the heck helicopters can fly. I spent over two hours in the museum and barely saw half of it. Maybe we can come here again.

    Fifteen hardy souls attended, five of whom drive MGs. They are: Gordon Bard (1972 MGB), Paul Brown, Terry Charlton (1963 modified MGB), Rick Coblents, Bob and Elke Crow, Dwight and Candy Dawson, Greg Fleischer (1971 MGB), Ray Holtzapple, Marilyn Proctor (1977 MGB), Bob and Kathy Schroder, and Fred and Lisa Whitla (1977 MGB).

    From the club:  THANK YOU to Bob Crow for coordinating this event.  The Houston MG Car Club is an all volunteer organization and is only as good as we the members make it.  If anyone is interested in coordinating a future event you can volunteer by sending an email to the Mike Woodward, Events Coordinator,through the club's email or speaking to him at a future event.

  • November 15, 2018 6:24 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Yesterday we received the following email from Sharon Rushing.  Please keep Sharon and her entire family in your thoughts and prayers.  As you will note in her message, Sharon would very much appreciate it if a couple of us were able to attend the services, driving your car.

    Dear MG Car Club Members,

    My father, John Rushing, and I were able to join your club for many events and he truly loved every minute of it.  He just officially joined last month.  Unfortunately I have to share the sad news that my father passed away last week.  I wanted to let everyone know and to make a request for anyone who is willing and able to attend the services this Saturday for my father.  He would be so pleased to have MG’s there.  He was especially fond of the yellow MG TC owned by John, I believe.  There is also a couple that lived near us in NW Houston, but I can’t find the paper where I wrote their number.  Honestly it all still feels like a horrible dream.  

    Feel free to pass along this information to everyone. 

    Here is the service info:
    John Bryan Rushing Jr., of Jersey Village, TX, b. Jan 29, 1932 Hemphill, TX, passed away at 86 on Nov 7, 2018 in Houston. All are welcome to attend the service, on Saturday, November 17 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at McWilliams Funeral Home, 706 Bremond St, Hempstead, (979) 826-2421.

    Thank you for accepting him into your group.  It was truly one of the highlights.

  • November 11, 2018 10:54 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Houston MG Car Club was proud to make a donation to the Russ Seto Scholarship Fund from the proceeds of this year’s Houston All British Car Day.  The Russ Seto Scholarship was established by the Texas Triumph Register to provide financial support to people who are pursuing an education in automotive technology.  To learn more about the scholarship click HERE.

    Mike Gentry, Chairman of the Houston MG Car Club, presenting a check to Fred Wagner of the Texas Triumph Register for the Russ Seto Memorial Fund.

  • November 10, 2018 8:12 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wire wheels provide great performance and a great look for our British classics, but they don't come without their own set of challenges.  The attached article from Classic Motorsports Magazine provides excellent "what to do" and "how to do it" advice for those of you who cherish wire wheels (and for those of us who are in a love - hate relationship with them.)

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